Hands Free Communication Device

Blue sky product story for enhanced mobile communication

Effe is a blue sky idea for the marketing department at Orange looking into hands free
communication devices in a 20-year future scenario.

According to cognitive scientist Don Norman and psychologist Albert Mehrabian, when having a face to face conversation, about 60 percent of our meaning is derived from nonverbal signals. For this reason only about 40% of our meaning is communicated during a traditional phone call.

Thanks to a new technology called Earswitch, facial expressions are detected and communicated to the other party’s device as a spectrum of colour-coded glows.

The chromatic message is gently perceived around the edges of the users’ visual field to enhance the emotional exchange of the call.

YEAR: 2011

ROLE: design research, visual ethnography, product design, model making, photography

OUTCOME: ethnographic research, blue sky product idea and prototype.

CLIENT: Orange

'' Exhibited at the ‘Orange
lends an Ear’ exhibition in Paris. ''
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