Mapping London's Cyclist Landscape

Visual ethnography to inform product innovation for Milan based cargo bike startup

Bicicapace is a Milan-based bicycle startup operating within the niche market of cargo bikes, who were looking to expand and innovate their product range.


My brief was to build understanding of and provide insight into the lively and pioneering cyclist and cycle courier landscape in London, a crucial starting point of Bicicapace’s wider product innovation process.


A combination of ethnography and photography led to the generation and development of clear insights into the behaviour and choices that shape the cyclist and cycle courier scene in London.


Thanks to the collection and visual mapping of these rich insights, Bicicapace were provided with a comprehensive and visually illustrative understanding of a growing market, the ideal starting point to any successful product innovation process.

YEAR: 2013

ROLE: Brand Mapping, Visual ethnography, Product Innovation, Photography, Editing, Interviewing.

OUTCOME: extensive visual ethnography research and insight report.

CLIENT: Bicicapace

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