Luxury Lighter

New product story to reach a younger audience

The Paris based luxury accessory brand S. T. Dupont was looking for ways to engage with a younger audience.

My brief was to create ‘the lighter for the young gentleman’ in occasion of the exhibition ‘The Art of Seduction’ in Paris, curated by Committee Colbert.

Diva embodies the savoir faire and heritage of the brand in a lighter which is meant to offer a flame to a Diva.


The ignition mechanism is triggered by an elegant gesture as the lighter is meant to be offered on the open palm of the hand.

Pure on the outside, with an intriguing and fascinating treasure inside...

'' The work he delivered in this project is exceptional, providing intriguing and novel
forms of interaction within a compelling product package.''
Nicholas Rhodes,
Programme Director, Product Ceramic & Industrial Design, Central Saint Martins

YEAR: 2012

ROLE: brand study, positioning, design research, ideation, sketching, 3D design, rendering, prototyping, shooting.

OUTCOME: new product story to introduce gesture in the design of the product, highly resolved CGI visuals and prototypes.

CLIENT: S. T. Dupont

'' A brillantly clever project, with a touch of poetry and respecting perfectly S.T. Dupont’s D.N.A. ''
Stéphane Martin, Art Director, S. T. Dupont
''One day Marco saw how a man gave light to a woman he did not know - there was a gust of wind, they came closer for a moment and her hands touched his. He recognized that the beauty lays in the act of giving fire, so he conceived a model that stresses this interplay.''
Sacha Batthyany,
CREDO LGT magazine
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