My Services





As a human centered designer and innovation consultant, I help startups, SMEs and R&D teams to achieve forward looking solutions by dramatically de-risking the innovation process with a practical, bespoke method.


I operate strategically across product design and service design by putting the user at the heart of the process to help businesses create pioneering products and services that meet both business and user needs.

I normally work with my clients in the following ways:


A modular suite of agile workshops available from 1h to 5 days, particularly suited for scaleups, SMEs and companies with complex challenges:

  • To dramatically reduce risk when approaching service innovation/restructuring

  • To efficiently frame problems and prioritise the right objectives

  • To cut Research and Development costs down to a fraction

  • To go from a challenge to a user tested rough prototype in 5 days

  • To fast-forward into the future and see how customers react to your idea

  • To create a plan to maintain momentum and launch successfully


Your design partner, growth oriented, perfect for startups, SMEs and agences:

  • To add both a design thinker and design doer as an asset to your team

  • To get the best value for your budget

  • To accelerate your growth

  • To dramatically de-risk your innovation process

  • To inject fresh design thinking in your company culture

  • To have a flexible and timely design support always at hand

  • To have your product designed, visualised and prototyped as it evolves

  • To have access to a network of suppliers and industry contacts


Specialist design support, particularly suited for insight agencies, innovation agencies and design studios:

  • To have a Human Centered Design Specialist when you need it

  • To have a facilitator for your in-house R&D workshops

  • To expand your team when a large project comes in


As a member of a multidisciplinary creative incubator, I am able to draw upon a unique network of talent, resources and industry contacts to build bespoke teams and deliver scalable end to end solutions.

My Tools

  • Problem framing: to dissect your business problems and prioritise the right objectives

  • Qualitative user research: to research, empathise and understanding user needs

  • User journey mapping: to identify business opportunities that align with user behaviour

  • Facilitation: to guide teams, keep them creatively excited and on track during a sprint

  • Ideation: to creatively and methodically generate and prioritise ideas

  • Sketching: to quickly visualise and keep track of ideas as they come

  • Prototyping: to create a physical model or digital wireframe that can be quickly tested with the user

  • User testing: to iteratively evaluate a visual, a mock-up or a prototype by testing it with its users

  • Service blueprinting: to define visually the structure of a complex system around a user journey

  • UX design: to create human centered experience flows and user wireframes

  • UI design: to design and resolve graphic and typographic aspects of a phisical or digital interface

  • 3D Design: to use 3D CAD software to resolve the design and engineering of a product

  • CGI rendering & animation: to produce highly resolved computer generated images and animations

  • Design development: to evolve a design and solve problems for production

  • Supplier sourcing: to obtain competitive quotes and identify the best suppliers

  • Supplier management: to manage production and to take care of quality control

My Method





To identify needs, solve problems, prototype & test new solutions quickly and efficiently, I use a bespoke 3-step Human Centered Method:



Through an initial immersion into preliminary user research, the challenge is framed by asking lots of questions and by collecting a vast amount of market and user insights. Brand understanding and positioning exercises are crucial to define new design opportunities and to guide the team safely into new project territory.



With a focus on both business and user needs, I identify key opportunities to inform the design brief and move into ideation. I co-create ideas together with the client and through a series of efficient design sprints, we develop working prototypes for agile user testing. In this phase we generate and test as many ideas as possible to effectively gauge user feedback and market demand. 



Focusing on the winning ideas, the new design is evolved through further user testing to deliver an impactful and scalable solution. With access to a unique network of resources and industry contacts, I am able to dramatically de-risk the client's journey to market and to give all the guidance and support needed to maintain momentum.