Secret Communication Project

In-house sprint for Korean consumer electronics brand

My brief was to help the design team to come up with and to give shape to blue-sky product stories for a secret communication project for a Korean consumer electronics brand.

Learning from the user research and working closely with a team of expert product designers, the focus of my role was on injecting fresh design thinking into the ideation process.

One of the challenges we faced was to venture into an unexplored niche of the market. With an agile approach, we mapped out design opportunities and prototyped our solutions.

During the first sprint week we worked both independently and collaboratively to build over 20 clear and simple product stories for a 5+ years future scenario.

By the end of the project we had a prioritised and detailed set of ideas and actionable steps ready for implementation.

YEAR: 2017

ROLE: in-house innovation consultancy, team work, brand study, design research, ideation, sketching, 3D Design, prototyping.


OUTCOME: injection of fresh thinking and guidance through a new innovation process.

CLIENT: Secret Global Client

'' Marco is an experienced and agile collaborator, able to initiate productive conversations and always keen to help the rest of the team with new inspirations ''
Creative Director
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