Tobacco Harm Reduction

In-house workshop facilitation for international tobacco brand

Working closely with a diverse R&D team of flavour experts, fluid dynamicists, members of the marketing team and innovation thought leaders, my role was to lead one of the teams into new project territory during a product innovation workshop.

A key aspect of the facilitation was to rekindle the team's enthusiasm and ability to think outside the box.

Through a series of exercises, conversations and inspirations the team was able to zoom out and look at the bigger picture.

By the end of the sprint the team was more energised than ever and completely aligned on a set of actionable steps designed to maintain momentum in the in-house product innovation process.

YEAR: 2015

ROLE: Liaison with R&D team, liaison with user insight agency, workshop facilitation, brand strategy, sketching, ideation, 3D Design, prototyping.


OUTCOME: facilitation of the innovation process by guiding the team out of their comfort zone.

CLIENT: Secret Global Client

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